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i think it says a lot about radiohead that they are still together after a long time. im so happy for them. so bffs lol

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Ikr ??! :’) when i read the radiohead wiki for the first time i was expecting to read that they were no longer together or that someone of the band had died or were no longer in the band but no!!! Ksjdkjdkdjd i’m so happy. they are amazing :’3

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What does your blog title mean? :)

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"Do not swallow the press" or something :v it’s a logo of a shirt that thom used a lot in the bends/ok computer era

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Finally at home c:

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Thom Yorke


Thom Yorke

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I found the face

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Don’t turn away.

Don’t turn away.

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Title: Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses
Artist: Thom Yorke
Album: Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses / The Hollow Earth
Plays: 73

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i want to read fanfiction but the fics i want to read don’t exist

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i live for men with beards

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Here’s The Song.

(Bonus Thom sipping out of the ubiquitous plastic party cup and doing his Charlie Chaplin-Penguin Walk-Worm Wiggle)

"Why’d you do that?" moment @00:40 tho 

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Do you guys still need this?

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Thom Yorke - Polyfauna 2.0 (full album, stacked stems) by CitizenInsaneVideos

16 minutes!

*thanks to astronauta imposible

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so today’s fly through Oxford was reasonably successful, i thought, considering we were there for like an hour? there are loads of places i would have gone if we’d had more time - like the Jericho tavern and the Holly Bush (and even the restaurant where Ed was once a waiter heheheh) but time was…

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